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About Barney


Barney is a complete robot bartender product. From the easy to use customer interface, through the simple payment system to the beautiful movements whilst preparing the drink, all is offered in this bar. Barney can be integrated into existing hospitality environments and can also work hand in hand with human barkeepers if needed.

Why have we built this? Because we think it can add a lot of value to Hotels, Restaurants, casinos, cruise ships and many other venues because it can create new opportunities and also solve some real problems for many hotels, restaurant and bar owners: It will attract new customers with its friendly appearance and attractive entertainment features. First, we have seen in our trials that it is a customer magnet, people simply like to order drinks and watch the robotic bar prepare them; Second, it can save the bar owner cost, not just in terms of salaries, but also in terms of lost revenue due to waste and loss of liquors. It can operate 24 hours a day without major human supervision; Third, it is easy to install, maintain and operate, as the whole system with its components is ready to ship and easy to set up and operate. As you can see, we have shipped the whole bar here to the mountains in Laax, Switzerland, and got it up and running in one day; Fourth, the entire bar is quite compact and affordable. The footprint is only about 5 m2, and just needs water and electricity to run. There is no design and implementation risk for the customer, but of course some customization in its look and feel is possible and we will be able to easily enhance the bar with new entertainment features that will continue to attract customers. Besides the already available selfie mode, we can create interesting features using the robotic arm, videos, voice and light to make the whole drink preparation process very engaging. So our customers are buying a future-proof solution that is available now.