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30 September2019

Barney is ready for the world leading trade fair-Host Milano 2019 

Host Milano 2019 from 18 October till 22 October, where hospitality meets business and innovation. Host is the world leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality. Barney is looking forward to serve our visitors with robotic drinks at Host Milano, for more information, please visit our social media accounts.

August 2019

F&P Robotics introduces the barista of the future

The Barney solution from F&P Robotics has combined entertainment, efficiency, and automation in the bar industry and has potential to do the same in coffee

Pascal Schlittler, Founder of investment platform MyCoffeeWorld, was attending a hospitality event in Switzerland when he decided to go for a drink......

23 August 2019

Nimmt Bar-Robot Barney Arbeitsplätze weg?


Am Bildschirm bestellen, bezahlen und zuschauen, wie der Drink ohne Menschliche Hände zubereitet wird-manche Gäste sind begetstert, andere schutteln den Kopf.....

01 August 2019

Barney in Hotel Interlaken

Visit Barney on his first job in a Swiss Hotel and enjoy a robotic drink!

Located on the charming terasse of the Hotel Interlaken in the heart of the city, Barney the bar robot will serve delicious drinks during summer season, starting August 1st. A blend of historic with modern touches, the ambience of the over 600 years old hotel is very cosy, making the Bar an ideal place to have a great time and be entertained by Barney. We are looking forward to your visit! Cheers!